Friday, June 1, 2007

Pecha Kucha

That whole experience was interesting to me and I'd be curious to see how it works in New York (I read through the places that it's held to see where the closest one to me would be). I think I really liked the guy who did the performance art. I'm typically not very into performance art, but he really amused me and I kind of wondered what he talked about when he was talking up there. I wanted to know more about the performance I saw pictures of with the Tokyu Hands logo...

I would have liked to see it perhaps in a better forum, but the idea is incredible and I think it would be fun to take part in it sometime with my work. It made me wish that I had a better understanding of the Japanese Language and just deepens my interest in learning it.

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Brendon said...

All your blogs so far make Japan sound so awesome! I'd love to see your projects when you come back to the states.

With love!