Sunday, May 27, 2007


My favourite spot that I experienced on this trip is hard to really decide upon. I loved the tea garden with the bloody footprints on the ceiling and Todaiji. I think those were my favourite places. The tea garden was beautiful and relaxing, and when I saw the footprints and hand prints stained on the ceiling it was exciting. The history is amazing and even with the gory history of the ceiling it was relaxing and calm. Todaiji was simply amazing. I really can't think of many words that would do justice in describing it. I tried to take pictures but they really don't even get the point just have to be there to experience all that it is.

Really this trip was amazing and all aspects of the trip were well worth the time. I enjoyed every part of the trip, and if I had the chance and the money I would happily do the trip again and spend more time to explore Kyoto and Nara. And, I did like the deer. ^.~

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