Monday, May 21, 2007

Project Post Two: Revisions to Idea

I've decided that I still want to focus on the wrapping of things, and the furoshiki, but to incorporate my block (which I've changed to the area around Tokyo Tower for reasons I'll explain in a moment), I'm going to design several Furoshiki with patterns I've created from different visual aspects from the area. The block itself has three things that in their own ways remind me of Japan, a temple for obvious reasons, Tokyo tower for the technological aspect, and a park for the strong natural ties (which kind of goes with the temple or shrine). I kind of think it would be fun to create a bento that housed inside a cd soundtrack, a book of small and brief histories and inspirations, and perhaps something else all packaged up and packaged again in one of the furoshiki. I'm going to try refining my ideas today and I'll post again on this probably tonight after I post my reactions to the readings.


Danielle said...

Hey Lisa,

I love your project. I think the bento box format was a great idea. It's so cute, a place for everything and everything in it's place. Plus your iron on were perfect.

Hmm....I think a simple instructional book would be good. Maybe the first part is the history and the second part has the folding techniques.

A CD can be great too. With some ancient music and instructions.

May aunt and I used to buy kits like that all the time. Like once we got this african macrame set. It came with a spool of hemp and a few sets of colored beads and an instructional book with info about the different knots and what they were used for. I remember I had one for those string games, cats craddle and such. Those activity sets are really fun because you get to participate in something was done in another place or time. Good luck.

gregory said...

it'll be cool when eveything fits snug in the compartments. what was the pop up idea that ron suggested? it didn't sound too hard to do.

Loomis13 said...

my vote still goes to the flip book. i'm not sure you how you have your images saved, but i know if you throw it in illustrator it'd be simple to just move anchor points a little bit to give you all the different images and then print them out, ta-dah, last compartment filled. you could even bind it furoshiki like, though a bit smaller of course.

Gian said...

Yea I agree that some kind of pop up or some element that transformed the bento box into a freestanding sculpture would be awesome. Maybe there would be some specific way of arranging all the components of the box so that it could be appreciated from 360 degrees and not just by looking into the bento box. Or maybe the components could be taken out and rearranged to serve a different purpose. I remember this cereal box I had a long time ago had perforated lines with unusual flaps and with the help of the plastic spoon it came with turned into some kind of cardboard boat. That was sweet.